Cheapest Land In The US 2022: Best Place To Buy Land

Cheapest Land In The US: Some people think that owning land is the original American dream.The idea of purchasing land for sale is fascinating and full of opportunity. The land is, after all, a blank canvas ready for your imaginative ideas on what you’ll do with it, unlike purchasing a home. There are no boundaries.

It’s crucial to remember that an acre is not the same as another. In other words, various factors affect how much a piece of property costs per acre.

It may be much less expensive to buy 1,000 acres of pine-dominated timberland in the Southeast than to buy 1,000 acres of Douglas-fir-dominated timberland in the Pacific Northwest.

A half-acre residential lot only a mile inland will be less expensive than an equal-sized seaside lot.(cheapest farmland in the us) If you’re interested in learning more about the size of an acre, you may read our post on how much land an acre is.

Cheapest Land In The US

It depends on which region of the states you’re referring to when you say buying land is less expensive in one state than in another. Even about cities and counties, this is true.

In some counties, the average cost per acre on the west is twice as cheap as the cost per acre on the east, and vice versa.

Land with high economic potential will probably cost more than land without. You see what I mean. Read our land use and land types post to learn more about land use.

cheap land in US

When looking for land, it’s critical to comprehend what makes a particular piece more or less expensive than others.

Land with an evident potential for generating income, like that for farming or logging, will undoubtedly cost more than land without. Land with a building already on it will cost more than raw land, benefiting investors who only want unoccupied land.

When purchasing land, the price will be calculated based on the cost per acre. Here are the best locations in the nation to purchase inexpensive land, depending on where you want to buy, how much property you’re searching for, and what you want to do with the land.

Here are the states in the US where you can purchase land for the lowest prices

New Mexico

desert area in new Mexico

Although New Mexico’s terrain is surprisingly diverse and contains meadows, lush valleys, and mountains covered with trees, most of the state is desert. The Chihuahuan Desert traverses southern portions of the state, and land in Deming, for example, may be purchased for less than $200 per acre.

You can locate inexpensive New Mexico land for sale even in the state’s central region, where there is a distant desert. For instance, there are occasions when you may find acreage outside of Bosque for sale for $100 per acre.


Similar to New Mexico, Nevada entered the list due to having a sizable portion of desolate desert areas. The Great Basin is where Northern Nevada is situated. This desert region experiences sweltering summers and icy winters. (cheapest land to buy in USA) You can purchase affordable land in Nevada for between $100 and $200 per acre in places outside major cities like Wells, Lovelock, and Winnemucca.



The Arizona desert is another place to get inexpensive land. Most of southern and western Arizona is arid desert land, despite some areas of the state having forests, canyons, and even ski resorts. It is well-known for having moderate winters and mild summers and being the home of cactus plants.

Even though there is affordable land for sale in Arizona across the state, you should start your search in the west and south.(cheapest acreage in us) You can frequently locate land for sale in western Arizona outside of towns like Wikieup, Kingman, Meadview, and Bullhead City for $250 to $500 per acre or less. You can find homes for $400–600 per acre in the southern regions of Douglas, Hereford, Bisbee, and McNeal.


Maine was chosen for our list for a different reason than the other states. It’s undoubtedly not arid land. It is situated in the New England region of the United States and distinguished by its rugged shoreline and dense woodland. It is the most northeastern and least populous state in the union.

There is a sizable unorganized area made up of more than 420 townships. As a result, a large portion of Maine’s territory is solitary, distant, and devoid of any traces of human habitation. (cheapest land per acre in the us) Also, Maine’s property is sometimes sold in sizable chunks, lowering the price per acre even though the total asking price can be relatively expensive.

The eastern region of the state, more notably the Northeast, is a fantastic place to start if you’re seeking inexpensive land for sale in Maine. You may sometimes locate distant properties in northern towns like Van Buren, Connor Township, and Castle Hill for as little as $450 to $800 per acre. (cheapest place to buy land in the us) You might find land tracts for $400–700 per acre in several eastern towns, including Amity, Cary, Dyer Brook, and Linneus. Further south, in areas like Perkins Township, Franklin, and Hermon, some very affordable land costs between $575 and $800 per acre.

Marne, Lowa

Between Des Moines and Omaha lies the little community of Marne, Iowa, which has a population of about 120. Marne, a rural town with a vintage vibe, is giving away land to anyone willing to construct a house on the lot that is at least 1,200 square feet in size.


For the same reason that Maine has affordable land, Michigan has some of it. The Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula are essentially two very big peninsulas. Even though the state has a sizable population, some parts of it remain remote and poorly populated, particularly the Upper Peninsula. Large tracts of hunting land, cabin-equipped land, and other recreational holdings can be found there.

Even land with water features will occasionally become available for sale at reasonable costs. (cheapest land in America) This is because the geography is so isolated and off the grid. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron encircle the peninsula in the far north.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an excellent place to look for affordable land for sale. Land prices can range from $250 to $600 per acre.


Many people are surprised by this state, but residents are not as surprised. Areas like Aspen and Steamboat Springs indeed have some very pricey real estate. But it also has some desert and uninhabitable mountainous terrain. Large parcels frequently accompany it as well. Surprisingly, there is affordable acreage for sale across Colorado, but it is more prevalent at the extremes.

You can locate land for sale in the desert regions of the East and particularly the Southeast in the communities of Kim, Campo, Eads, and Hasty for $680 to $1,000 per acre. There are some desert-like conditions and some mountainous terrain in the West. Occasionally, land in this area is for sale for between $500 and $900 per acre.

Prices can be as low as $750-$1,000 per acre in the South in places like Walsenburg, Del Norte, and Moffat. Even in the state’s core region, in places like Yoder, you might be able to discover land tracts for sale for less than $1,000 per acre.

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When people think of Texas, they frequently see desert terrain. However, fewer than 10% of Texas’s territory is classified as desert. Its diverse landscapes include grasslands, woods, and coastlines. The drawback is that because Texas is so big, 10% of it is still more than 17 million desert acres, and you can get inexpensive land there.

If you’re looking for inexpensive land for sale in Texas, you’ll find that nearly the whole western region of the state, along with the southern Mexican and western New Mexico borders, is desert.

For instance, you can occasionally locate land for $350-$600 per acre in western regions like Sierra Blanca and Monahans.

You can get land for as little as $350-$500 per acre in the Southern region in places like Dryden and Sanderson, which is close to the Mexican border.


Oregon is one of the states with the most diverse geographies in the US. Everything from voluminous, lush woods and volcanoes to pristine lakes, mountains, and the Pacific coast will be seen.

In addition, it contains desert and shrubland, where you can locate affordable land for sale. The western and southern regions of the state are beautiful places to start your search for affordable land for sale in Oregon.

You can locate land for sale in the vicinity of cities like Adel, Plush, and Bonanza for between $250 and 650 per acre. Some land costs as low as $300-$700 per acre can be found if you travel farther north to locations like Christmas Valley, Summer Lake, Brothers, and Service Creek.


Utah has tremendously diversified geography, much like Oregon and a couple of the other states we’ve discussed. The Wasatch Front, which runs through the state’s middle, is where most people live.

Rugged topography, deserts, and other challenging terrain make up a sizable portion of the state. As a result, many areas of Utah, particularly the extremes, have affordable land for sale.

You can occasionally locate properties for sale in the Northwest in places like Grouse Creek for as little as $150 per acre. In central Oregon, properties outside communities like Delta and Fillmore occasionally appear on the market for $350-$750 per acre. For $375 to $600 per acre, you can buy land in the South in places like Beryl.


The land is affordable for a reason. Before you buy land, it’s essential to undertake your study and provide answers to these queries. You’ll want to make sure you make a solid investment and determine if you can use the land the way you want to, even if it just seems like a cheap patch of dirt.

America offers several opportunities to purchase affordable land. Our list is exhaustive, but if you’re trying to purchase cheap land or are simply researching the least expensive land in the United States, it’s a beautiful place to start and should help guide you in the right direction.

If you’re interested in purchasing land, read our step-by-step guide on how to do so. You can also look at our land prices per acre statistics to determine how much property you can afford in each state.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Where in the US can you get the cheapest land per acre?

cheapest land in the us

Arizona got the award for having the least expensive land in the country. Arizona has the lowest land prices, with a median price of about $4,000 per acre. With a price of $6,000 per acre, New Mexico, a bordering state in the American Southwest, comes in second. Mississippi, which costs about $10,000 per acre, comes in third place and represents the South.

Which state has the best prices for buying land?

cheap land in US

New Mexico, Arizona, and Mississippi became the most affordable states. A few additional states were included, including Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Oregon. The top 3 findings, however, were Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, making up the great bulk of the results.

Why is a land so cheap in New Mexico?

desert area in new Mexico

New Mexico, Arizona, and Mississippi became the most affordable states. A few additional states were included, including Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Oregon. The top 3 findings, however, were Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, making up the great bulk of the results.

Which US state doesn’t have a property tax?


There are no states without a property tax, which is sad. Property taxes still bring in a lot of money for the state. Tax money is used to run and maintain essential government services, such as law enforcement, infrastructure, education, transportation, parks, and improvements to water and sewer services.

Does Arizona have free land?


When most people think of homesteading in the United States, they think of the 18th-century law that gave families free land as long as they lived on it and worked it. No homestead act in Arizona lets people get land for free right now.

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