How To Make Money Without a Job: 40 Most Profitable Ideas

How To Make Money Without a Job: Many people lost their jobs or were thrown off due to the pandemic. As people struggle with ways to increase their income, taking on a side job to earn a bit of additional cash could be beneficial.

Even though not everyone can do all of these jobs, these strategies to enhance your income could be helpful now or shortly.

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How To Make Money Without a Job

You can make money without having a job. If regular 9-to-5 work doesn’t meet your needs, there are alternatives to make money regardless of your age, career, or level of education.

Some people seek to earn extra income through freelance or flexible side jobs. Others might be able to profit from their valuable hobbies.

We, therefore, have different options for creating money, whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or unemployed.

Top ideas to make money without a job

Some of these topics can be completed online businesses marketplace and from any location. Others can demand that you possess unique abilities or reside in a particular area.

These concepts can be a starting point for developing more ideas for earning money without a job.

1:- Take part in paid market research

market research

Paid market research enables businesses to deliver individuals to share their opinions on everyday goods, services, and brands, including diverse themes like political viewpoints and cosmetic products.

Participating in focus groups, paid surveys, and medical research are all examples of market research.

Typically, medical research involves receiving payment in exchange for an opinion on drugs or medical treatments or for assistance in testing drugs and therapies ranging from basic research through clinical trials and studies.(free gift cards) If you choose to participate in medical research, be sure you are aware of the potential effects on your health.

The money you receive varies depending on the opportunity; some compensate participants using a point system, an hourly wage, or gift cards.

2:- Be a freelance writer

freelance writer

Do you enjoy writing? (freelance writing) You might have used to have a blog or always correct your friend’s spelling errors when they text you. If you do, you might consider becoming a freelance writer.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money without a job because it pays well and gives you a lot of freedom. (freelance writing) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings for freelance writers is $67,120 per year or about $32.27 per hour.

Also, you don’t need an English or journalistic integrity degree to start. You can find companies looking for writings on Twitter and job boards like Indeed.

All you need is internet access. (free account) And the best part is that, as a freelancer, you get to set your hours and decide who you want to work with.

3:- Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Do you have a talent for making plans out? Individuals, organizations, and corporations frequently require administrative assistance. (own website) A virtual assistant provides day-to-day support to businesses from a distance with things like social media management, bookkeeping, and email management.

Working as a virtual assistant might give you freedom for a modest initial investment. According to’s midyear report, the average compensation for virtual assistants in the United States in 2021 will be around $19 per hour.

4:- Start Blogging

Start Blogging

An exciting option to make money online marketplace without a job is blogging. So, starting a blog can be a fantastic option if you have a passion for a particular subject and are a good writer.

You get to work for yourself and write blog posts about whatever you choose and what you find interesting.

For instance, you may create a lifestyle blog if you like writing about various subjects. Additionally, setting up a blog using a service like WordPress is incredibly simple and inexpensive.

With blogging, you can earn a lot of money, mainly if you use affiliate marketing and have a large following. (unused gift cards) In affiliate marketing, you link to products, and the company pays you for each customer who purchases after clicking the link on your blog.

But first, blogging might be a bit of labor. You will need to understand SEO, marketing, and promoting your posts on one or more social media accounts.

To make money from ads, you may also add Google AdSense. The side business of blogging can be profitable and enjoyable.

5:- Earn Cash back rewards

Earn Cash back rewards

Who doesn’t love getting free money? You receive payment for carrying out your ordinary shopping when you utilize cashback apps or cards. Check to see whether your bank or credit card offers this service, as it is provided by many.

Additionally, it would help if you looked at websites like Rakuten, which offers discounts or rewards when you shop at any of their tens of thousands of partner retailers.

Others, like Acorns, allow you to collect cashback through shopping and deposit it into an investment account.

Spending money on items, you don’t need or can’t afford is a bad idea. Although cashback is a fantastic method to get extra money, it is intended to encourage you to make more purchases.

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6:- Video and audio transcription


Transcribers turn recordings of spoken and video media into written documentation.

This job may be a good fit if you pay close attention to detail. There are frequently typing exams and suggested speeds, but you can always speed up with regular practice.

According to, a transcriptionist’s hourly wage typically ranges between $17 to $20.

7:- House Sitting

House Sitting

Are you interested in being paid to do some light cleaning and housekeeping? Consider trying out house sitting. In exchange for payment and accessible housing, residents frequently hire housekeepers to look after their homes while they are abroad.

A house can be cleaned and organized, pets can be looked after, plants can be watered, and other things can be done while housesitting.

You may set your charges, choose your clients, and create flexible hours for housesitting. Select to housesit in your area or anywhere else in your neighborhood, sometimes with free travel expenses.

To get started, look into sites like and, which will put you in touch with people seeking housesitters worldwide. (lose weight) Even though some websites charge yearly fees for membership, the experience could be worthwhile.

Nomador offers both a free money and a $99 yearly membership option. Users who pay a membership fee have unrestricted access to communications, applications, and housesitting listings.

8:- Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Do you love animals and are looking for ways to make money without a job? Why not get paid to hang out with some lovable buddies instead?

You can get money by offering to pet-sit and walk pets for nearby pet owners. (dog walking) Depending on your region, pet sitters may earn more than $20 an hour.

Start by using social media and local thrift stores. Local facebook marketplace communities for animal lovers can be found. Or you might sign up for pet sitting services like Rover.

9:- Write Reviews on websites

Write Reviews on websites

Many businesses that provide goods or services take customer feedback very seriously and employ it to improve business operations. These businesses will pay customers for insightful and unique reviews of their goods and services.

Distribution of surveys and reviews and payment of reviewers frequently takes place on online survey sites and research websites. InboxDollars and Survey Junkie are two of these websites.

Some businesses, such as Amazon, decide to conduct their reviews through their website and use third-party review sites.

Some websites offer cash or a cheque up ahead as payment for reviews and surveys. (facebook marketplace) Other websites allow users to earn points for each survey sites, they complete, which they can then exchange for cash, checks, gift cards, and other items.

10:- Play game on Twitch

Play game on Twitch

If you like playing video games, you can make money by doing it on Twitch, which is the best live stream platform in the world. (odd jobs) The video game business has grown significantly in the last few years, especially in 2020.

Different players will have different amounts of success and money. Still, you can make a lot of money in the billion-dollar industry.

Set up an account and start live streaming. You can do this full-time or to make extra money. Find out how to make money on Twitch by reading this article.

11:- Sell Photos

Sell Photos

It’s not necessary to only take fantastic images for social media. Using stock photography websites and freelance markets like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Upwork, and Fiverr to sell your photographs, you can turn your love, hobby, or aptitude for photography into a source of income.

You can also reach consumers using your portfolio without using websites run by other people.

If you lack access to a camera, think about using your phone and spending money on editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

12:- Test Websites

Test Websites

Many companies pay customers to test their websites’ usability and operation. Fortunately, getting started with website testing is not too difficult. Just register for free on websites like Enroll or UserTesting. The latter pays $10 for each successfully finished and accepted 20-minute test.

13:- Invest In Divident Stocks

Invest In Divident Stocks

Looking for ways to earn money without a job? The most accessible approach to increasing your money over time is to make stock investments.

While stock market investing frequently requires patience, buying dividend stocks might accelerate the growth process.

Shares of a corporation that pay you a dividend for holding onto their stock, frequently every quarter, are known as dividend stocks. As a result, you benefit from keeping the store.

Finding the most excellent dividend stocks for you will require some investment research on your part.

14:- Be a part of clinical trials

Be a part of clinical trials

Most of us have spent money on healthcare, but few have ever had the opportunity to profit from it. However, medical offices, hospitals, and academic institutions frequently seek volunteers to participate in paid research studies.

Therefore, conduct your research to understand what you’re getting into before signing release papers, which test volunteers must do to accept the results of their trials. (free money) You can search for and connect with thousands of clinical studies all around the United States using websites like and CenterWatch.

15:- Tutor


If you know a lot about a particular subject, tutoring can be a great way to earn money online outside of a regular job.

You can learn how to start a tutoring business by looking at the different ways to do it. You could teach through a franchise, a school, or in your own home. According to Indeed, the average hourly wage for a tutor in the U.S. is about $25.

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16:- Create Youtube/Tiktok Videos

Create Youtube/Tiktok Videos

Making and uploading videos to Tiktok and YouTube is simple. All you need is a smartphone and some imagination. On YouTube, it’s simple to start your program or a daily vlog if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

YouTube offers affiliate programs and adverts as additional ways to make money. You must meet a particular threshold for subscribers and views to earn money.

Another website where you can make money through affiliates is TikTok. Once more money, you’ll need a sizable subscription base.

The secret to succeeding on YouTube and TikTok is continually producing high-quality content. (lose weight) To build a strong community, you’ll also need to employ the proper keywords in your title and description and engage with viewers.

17:- Rent out your Home

Rent out your Home

This is a fantastic method for generating income on the side. It may be simple to make money without a job if you have a spare room or guest house that you can rent out on Airbnb.

Signing up on the platform, taking some professional images, deciding how much you’ll charge and how many people you can accommodate, (online store) and then moving forward are all required. Make some money while assisting others in enjoying their holiday.

When you want to have visitors, you can pick the dates yourself. Starting is relatively cheap, but you will have to pay Airbnb fees and decide whether to hire a cleaner or do the cleaning yourself.

18:- Earn Money By Watching Videos

Earn Money By Watching VideosEarn Money By Watching VideosEarn Money By Watching Videos

You don’t need to be a film critic to get paid to watch videos. Sites like Swagbucks ask you to view and “like” specific videos. You gain Swagbucks from the process, which you can exchange for gift cards.

19:- Make money while losing weight

Make money while losing weight

Want to reduce a few pounds but are confused about how to make money? Why not earn money doing it? You may do it using HealthyWage. Sign up with HealthyWage, choose a goal weight, and select a daily allowance.

You can wager on yourself from $20 to $500 per month. HealthyWage will give you money, up to $10,000, once you reach and maintain your objective. This is an excellent way to both make money and get healthy!

20:- Rent out your vehicle

Rent out your vehicle

Do you require help with your monthly vehicle payments? By renting out your vehicle on Turo, you may make extra money. You don’t even need to lend your car frequently. For as few as nine days per month, guests can make enough money to pay their bills.

Private car owners can rent out their vehicles through Turo’s internet marketplace. It’s a simple method to make money without having a job, and you can even do it while working from home!

Register with Turo, offer your vehicle and set your price. You receive your payment via PayPal within five days and are paid 65% to 85% of the trip’s cost.

21:- Sell out your Old Books

Sell out your Old Books

You can sell your textbooks if you’re a student hoping to start the next semester early. Many individuals buy secondhand books; therefore, having the option to do so will be appreciated. is a great place to get started.

22:- Shipping Food on Two Wheels

Shipping Food on Two Wheels

You can still start a food delivery business even if you don’t own a car. You can deliver food, groceries, and anything else you can carry while riding two wheels for applications like Postmates.

Some businesses will even help you rent an electric bike or scooter you can use for personal purposes.

23:- Rent Out Parking Space

Rent Out Parking Space

In major cities like New York or Chicago, parking spaces are valuable real estate, and renting one out can bring in a sizable income. Put your space up for rent on Craigslist to earn hundreds each month.

24:- Clean out lawns

Clean out lawns

Many people enjoy maintaining neatly maintained outdoor plants. And while knocking on doors while pulling a lawnmower might seem immature, the money makes up for any initial embarrassment.

To begin, find out how much the neighborhood landscapers charge to ensure your quote is reasonable. (lose weight) Even though you won’t be able to maintain a lawn as rapidly as a team of workers, you can do it for less money, which many clients will value.

Consider becoming a vendor with GreenPal, a service that links homes with nearby landscapers, if you don’t want to find your customers.

25:- Invest in property

Invest in property

One of the most established means of making money is through real estate. You will require a significant amount of up-front cash if you choose the conventional path of purchasing and renting a house.

However, you can typically pay off your mortgage and still have a small amount of spare cash.

However, not everybody wants to be a landlord. Instead, you might use crowdfunding platforms like Fundrise and Roofstock to make real estate investing. You can start investing with just $500.

While the platforms manage the properties’ operations, you profit from quarterly payouts. Additionally, you’ll make money when the value of the properties you’ve invested in rises.

26:- Sell Your Video Games, DVDs, and CDs

Sell Your Video Games, DVDs, and CDs

Even though they are outdated, you can still make money by selling CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and vintage video games. You may acquire an estimate for used media products using an app like Declutter, box them up for free shipping to the website, and get paid via PayPal or direct transfer.

27:- Earn Money By Giving Advice

Earn Money By Giving Advice

Consider using your hobby and getting paid to advise if you enjoy providing your two cents. After the askers approve the questions, websites like JustAnswer pay knowledgeable users to respond to them online surveys.

Indeed, according to JustAnswer, the company’s top experts take home thousands of dollars each month.

28:- Sell out your Furniture 

Sell out your Furniture

The act of buying and selling furniture is not new. But doing so is now simpler than ever, thanks to the internet. You can sell furniture through online second-hand shops like Chairish for vintage furniture, in addition to selling directly to customers via Craigslist.

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29:- Participate in affiliate marketing

Participate in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting products in return for a cut of the proceeds. Your blog or website is required to promote an advertiser’s goods in affiliate marketing.

You may advertise by writing a product review and link to the item.

Following the product link from your website, users can finish the purchase on the advertiser’s website. For chances to make money with affiliate marketing, research websites like ClickBank.

30:- Accept ghost shopping

Accept ghost shopping

Ghost shopping is probably something you’ve never heard of. Ghost shopping is a service people use when they are short on time yet have money, much like personal shopping. Consider doing this as a side gig if you taste good and enjoy shopping.

31:- Making and selling shirts

Making and selling shirts

Users can sell free T-shirt designs on sites like Design By Humans and Teespring. Each site has a different sales process.

For instance, on Teespring, you may specify a price and sales target for each product. The amount the business will pay you for each shirt sold depends on this factor. Thus it is essential. The shirts will be printed and given out, and you’ll get paid if you meet your sales target.

32:- Cooking for Money

Cooking for Money

Personal chefs visit their customers’ homes to prepare meals in their kitchens. If you are good at food preparation, you can make that skill into a successful business if you know how to network.

You will need to make financial investments in marketing supplies like brochures, a website, and adverts. You will also benefit much from advice from others.

PayScale says the average private chef income is slightly under $68,000 per year, though it varies based on your clientele and how frequently you work.

33:- Do a job for Amazon

Do a job for Amazon

Even though the pay is small, you can make extra money with Amazon Mechanical Turk by doing small tasks.

These services can only be done by a person, like choosing the correct spelling for search terms or figuring out if two products are identical.

34:- Donate plasma to get money

Donate plasma to get money

You can put an extra $50 in your pocket every time you give plasma. How much you get paid depends on how much plasma you can provide, based on how much you weigh. In short, the more you consider, the more money you’ll make.

For more information, check out sites like BloodBanker or CSL Plasma.

35:- Earn Money To Watch TV

Earn Money To Watch TV

Get paid to watch TV by downloading the Viggle app if you enjoy doing so. As watching on the big screen, you play games and browse advertisements on your phone while the app monitors the audio coming from your TV to determine what you’re seeing.

Through Viggle, you can earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

36:- Write E-book

Write E-book

A common saying says that everyone has a novel hidden somewhere. If you want to make money, you should finish, polish, and publish your book. (unclaimed money) You can publish e-books through Nook Press or Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. You can get up to 70% of the money from sales as royalties at Amazon.

37:- Invest In Mutual Funds

Invest In Mutual Funds

Try not to time the market if you are not an expert in the stock market. Instead, focus on steady returns as compared to big ones.

When searching for the most OK mutual funds to invest in, look for ones managed by investors who treat their investments as partnerships and don’t change their holdings frequently.

38:- Snow shovel

Snow shovel

If you live in an area where snow falls, you are well aware that someone must be in charge of cleaning it from lawns, driveways, and sidewalks. You fill the need left by most individuals not wanting to get up early to clear snow.

Depending on how rapidly you can work, you may benefit significantly from charging $10 to $20 for each yard.

A more oversized yard might support a more fantastic price. Consider purchasing a snowblower if your company is expanding significantly. This will help you move more quickly.

39:- Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry can be the job for you if you’re an expert with the keyboard and have an eye for detail.

Most administrative and data entry jobs are listed on Craigslist or Upwork, where you can work from home. Approximately $13.32 an hour is the starting rate, according to PayScale.

40:- Become Artists’ Model

Become Artists' Model

To improve their drawing skills, artists are constantly in need of models. This is especially true in places like college towns with many young artists.

Consider life modeling if you’re at ease posing without clothing and can maintain positions for up to 30 minutes.(passive income) According to PayScale, modeling sessions can run up to three hours, and the hourly rate is approximately $20. Contact your nearby colleges, art organizations, and community centers if you’re interested in modeling for a living.

41:- Create a High-Yield Savings Account

Create a High-Yield Savings Account

You can add income to your current funds by creating a high-yield savings account. Look for a savings account that offers a high yearly percentage yield.

A high-yield savings account currently offers rates as high demand as 0.61%.(high yield savings account) That is ten times higher than the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s estimate of the typical savings account rate of 0.06%.

42:- Get Involved in Mock Trials

Get Involved in Mock Trials

You don’t need a law degree or insider knowledge of lawyer trade secrets to succeed in the business world. Users are paid to take part in mock trials for the clients of websites like eJury and OnlineVerdict, who are primarily attorneys.

Lawyers can “pre-try” their cases using online surveys before presenting them in court. The attorneys acquire experience, and you receive a small reward for your work: eJury offers payouts of $5 to $10, depending on how long the case is.

43:- Start micro freelancing

micro freelancing

Similar growth in micro freelancing has been seen due to the gig economy surge in America. Micro freelancing, as the name implies, entails working for relatively little income. But micro-freelancing can be profitable when paired with other side occupations and additional sources of revenue.

You can choose from a variety of micro-freelancer websites, such as Microworkers.

Without a job, you can earn money

Therefore, it’s simple to identify methods of earning money without work with a little investigation and imagination. (extra cash) There are options available for you, like pet sitting, writing assistance, and used-item sales.

So say goodbye to the 9 to 5 routine and the worry over how you’ll generate money without a job in favor of a flexible work schedule where you can do what you enjoy.

How do I make $1,000 per week?

You can make $1,000 a week delivering for apps that help people find delivery jobs. Most platforms let you take more than one order at a time, so you can make a steady income as customers order meals all day long.

You could also do freelance work, whether you work from home or go to local clients. (extra cash) For instance, walking a few dogs daily or working for several online courses can help you reach your income goal.

You can do these things in your spare time if you already have a job.

Being unemployed does not necessarily equal being poor.

The majority of individuals find unemployment to be a stressful circumstance. But even if you are unemployed, you may still maintain your emotional health and make money. Consider pursuing one or more of the above opportunities to generate cash while you search for full-time work.

And keep an open mind because these atypical career opportunities could end up paying you far more than your 9-to-5 salary.

Final Words

Thanks to apps and the internet, making money without a job is now more straightforward. While not all of the possibilities will make you wealthy, they present chances to make money and cover expenses.

Don’t neglect simple ways to earn money, whether you need the money to cover expenses or want to add another source of income. You can never be sure how your chosen income stream will perform in the long run.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I make $1,000 per week if I don’t have a job?

Virtual Assistant

– Answer Paid Surveys. Market research will cost companies a lot of money.
– Create a blog. Starting your blog is one way to make money quickly online.
– Become a tutor.
– Collect bonuses for signing up. You can get paid by many sites and apps just by signing up.

How do I get $100 if I don’t have a job?

Clean out lawns

Join a research project (up to $150 per hour)
Get paid to answer polls.
Become a shopper.
You can get paid to watch online videos.
Wrap your car.
Get apps and go online to make $100.
Get paid to play online games.

How much money can you make on OnlyFans?

Rent out your vehicle

OnlyFans users make an average of $180 per month. XSRUS has done some math to determine how much OnlyFans creators are likely to make. They figure that the average account makes around $180 per month.

How do I earn $1,000 every day?

Invest In Mutual Funds

Utilize DoorDash to deliver food.
 Dog sit and walk dogs.
Perform tasks on HomeAdvisor.
Sell on eBay.
On Etsy, sell your products.
Begin your freelance blogging career.
Make a course online.

How much cash do you need to survive if you don’t work?

freelance writer

The 25 times rule is a straightforward concept. You may calculate the least amount of money you would need to invest in maintaining your lifestyle without working by multiplying your annual spending by 25.

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