Mastercard Black Card Review 2022: Worth Or Not, Explained

Mastercard Black Card: Luxury is a state of mind, yet many who buy into the Mastercard® Black Card™* promise of luxury may believe they were taken advantage of by a flashy mask.

The Mastercard Black is a shiny object for those easily duped by cheesy TV ads and something called an “unboxing video” because of its high annual fee, an excessive amount of marketing focused on the card’s weight, just-decent rewards redemption system, and a variety of benefits that struggle to keep up with the better options available.

Although the Mastercard Black has a few good benefits, it isn’t nearly the upscale travel rewards card it claims to be.

MasterCard Black Card

The Mastercard Black Card is one of three Mastercard Luxury Cards, together with the Mastercard Titanium Card and Mastercard Gold Card, that provides access to various upgrades and cards packed with travel benefits.

Because it is composed of patented, black-PVD-coated metal and weighs 22 grams, this luxury travel credit card is remarkable to hold in your hand. Unfortunately, the yearly fee is $495 ($195 for each approved user), which is just as expensive as the actual card.

black card

MasterCard Black Card Overview

Cardholders receive an unlimited 1 point per dollar spent as part of the $495 annual fee ($195 for each additional Authorized User added to the account), which may be redeemed at a 1.5 % value for cash back redemptions and 2 percent value for airfare redemptions.

A cardholder receives 50,000 points after spending $50,000, which may be exchanged for $750 in cash or $1,000 in airfare. These revenues are commendable. However, they may be comparable to cards with hefty annual fees.

Better balance transfer choices are available due to the card’s exorbitant annual fee and balance transfer cost of either $5 or 3% of each transfer, whichever is greater. The card offers a 0% Intro APR on balance transfers for 15 months.

The Mastercard Black promotes travel benefits extensively. The Mastercard Black appears to be trying to make the card live up to the hefty annual fee,(authorized user) but it doesn’t do it as well as other cards.

“VIP Travel” perks include Priority Pass lounge access, a 24/7 travel room service available via mobile app, up to a $100 TSA PreCheck or Global Entry credit card, and $100 in incidental airline credits for baggage and other similar expenses.

Highlights: Card Details

  • Metal: Stainless Steel; Card Design: Patented
  • Program for Luxury Card Rewards
  • Value for Airfare Redemptions of 2 percent
  • Value for Cash Back Redemptions: 1.5 percent
  • Luxury Card Concierge 24-7
  • Benefits of a Luxury Card for Travel Exclusively
  • $100 yearly credit card on airlines for eligible purchases
  • $100 credit for the Global Entry application fee
  • Luxury Gifts
  • Limited Access Luxury Magazine
  • $495 yearly fee ($195 for every authorized user)
  • Introductory APR of 0% on balances for the first fifteen payment cycles. Transfers are made during the first 45 days of account opening; after that, a 16.49 percent fee will apply.

MasterCard Black Card Rewards Rate, Offers & Fee

  • Annual Fee: $495 ($195 for each authorised user)
  • Rewards Rate: 1 point for each dollar spent (1.5 percent incentive for redeeming cash back; 2% bonus for redeeming airfare).
  • Bonus Offer: None 
  • Intro APR: APR on balance transfers is 0% for the first 15 billing cycles.
  • Ongoing APR: APR: Variable, 16.49 %, Cash Advance APR: Variable, 26.74 %
  • Balance Transfer Fee: $5 or 3 % of each transfer’s value, whichever is higher.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: None
  • Current Welcome Offer: The lack of a welcome bonus on the Mastercard Black Card currently lowers its value even more. The card features an introductory APR deal on debt transfers but not purchases.
  • Earnings Rewards: You will receive one reward point for every $1 you spend on purchases. (1.5 percent incentive for redeeming cash back; 2% bonus for redeeming airfare).
  • Redeeming Rewards: Using the luxury card concierge rewards website to redeem your rewards points, you can stretch them further. Just employing this redemption method may double your point worth in some circumstances. Your points will be worth 2%, for instance, if you use them to pay for airline tickets. (authorized user) Therefore, if you’ve spent $50,000 and have 50,000 points, you can redeem $1,000 for airline travel. When converting your points to cash-back rewards, you will receive a 1.5 percent value.

Benefits Of MasterCard Black Card 

  • Up to $100 annual airline credit card for tickets, baggage fees, and upgrades.
  • Credit for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry: A credit card of up to $100 is automatically issued to cover the cost of the application fee.
  • For individuals prepared to spend $35,000 per person on vacation to be eligible for the $1,000 gift card, TCS World Travel Gift Card.
  • VIP Lounge entry with Priority Pass membership already included.
  • Baggage Delay Insurance: Up to $100 per Day in payment for expenses for delayed baggage, with a three-day limit.
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Coverage of up to $250,000 for fatalities or dismemberments involving common carriers.
  • Collision Discount for Auto Rentals: Supplementary insurance for qualifying, covered rentals.
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Up to $5,000 per insured person in secondary coverage for roundtrip card-purchased excursions that are canceled for a covered reason.
  • Travel Benefits: You’ll start with a $100 annual airline credit card that you may use on eligible airline purchases. (authorized user) Along with getting access to Priority Pass Select, which grants you access to more than 1,300 airport lounge access in more than 500 destinations globally, you’ll also get a credit for the up to $100 Global Entry application fee.
  • Luxury Apps: Exclusive to cardholders, the Luxury Card app allows you to manage your account and access member advantages on your phone.
  • Luxury Magzines: Cardholders will receive LUXURY MAGAZINE, a premier journal with articles on travel, fashion, real estate, and other topics.(sign up bonus) These magazines are a limited-edition collector’s item for members because they also include covers created by various artists.
  • MasterCard Offers: Mastercard has its own set of bonuses and affiliations with well-known merchants, like DoorDash, HelloFresh, Lyft, Fandango, and ShopRunner, in addition to the premium benefits and extras you’ll get access to with your luxury card (terms and conditions apply).
  • Luxury Benefits: The “world’s most prominent and recognizable brand brands” give lavish presents to Mastercard Black cardholders.

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The Advantages don’t balance with the high annual fee

Using the Mastercard Black Card to earn reward points is not wise. One point for every dollar spent on the card is its poor base reward rate, which is insufficient to offset its $495 annual cost ($195 for each Authorized User added to the account). If you use the Luxury Card travel website to redeem your points for travel benefits, (sign up bonus) the card will double your points.

You can increase your rewards rate to 2% if you use all of your points for travel, which is still not very impressive compared to the numerous other travel rewards cards.

Numerous travel cards offer a 2% rewards rate for a significantly lower price, such as the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, which offers 2X miles on all upfront purchases with no redemption limits for a $95 annual fee.

The Mastercard Black Card effectively functions as a 1.5 percent cash back card because it also grants a 1.5 percent bonus on rewards points converted into statement credits. However, $495 is a massive cost for a card with a 1.5 percent cash back rate (many cash back cards give a 1.5 percent cash back rate for no annual fee), and you would need to use the card extensively each year to offset the fee.

You should use your points to redeem for travel rewards because the card offers a 2 percent bonus on certain purchases.

Pros & Cons


  • Attractive travel benefits include airline credit, extensive airport lounge access, room service, and if the card is fully utilized, up to $500 in travel-related improvements.
  • The card is perfect for high-earning debt reducers because it offers a 0% initial APR for the first 15 billing cycles on balance transfers made within the first 45 days (after which it increases to 16.49%).
  • Jewelry, accessories, home décor, and other luxury gifts from leading manufacturers are all featured in LUXURY MAGAZINE®.


  • The high annual fee on this card may make it an unattractive choice for regular shoppers.
  • No purchase-related promotional rate exists, so any new purchases you make and carry over each month will be subject to the standard APR rate immediately.

Fee And Rates Of MasterCard Black Card

The “world’s If you appreciate the concept of travel perks and incentives, this card will cost you money. A steep yearly fee of $495 is charged for the Mastercard Black and a $195 fee for each approved user. This might seem like a great deal for some cardholders because some premium black cards have annual fees that run into the thousands.

The good news is that this card has no foreign transaction fees, which is advantageous if you need to use your card abroad. Most prominent and recognizable brands” give lavish presents to Mastercard Black cardholders.

All purchases will have a 16.49 % variable APR even if the Mastercard Black Card has a 0% initial direct debit APR for the first 15 billing cycles (balance transfers made within the first 45 days; after that, the variable APR will be 0 percent). If you decide to start a balance transfer, there will be a $5 or 3% fee, whichever is higher. The variable APR for cash advances is 26.74 percent, and the cash advance fee is $10 or 5 percent, whichever is higher.

Although the credit limit for the Mastercard Black Card is unclear, it is safe to assume that it will be based on your creditworthiness, as is the case with most credit card issuer.

mastercard black card
MasterCard Black Card

How Other Travel Cards Stack Up Against The Mastercard Black Card?

The Mastercard Black Card is theoretically a luxury card; however, in contrast to most luxury cards, you must apply for it rather than be invited. On the other hand, the card resembles a travel credit scores card more due to its extensive travel advantages. So how does it stack up against other well-known travel cards?

1:- Mastercard Black Card vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

The annual fee for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is $95 — significantly less expensive than the Mastercard Black’s — but there is no introductory APR on purchases or debt transfers. In contrast to the Mastercard Black Card, the Sapphire Preferred does come with a welcome bonus of 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points once you spend $4,000 in the first three months.

2:- Mastercard® Black Card™* vs. Citi® Double Cash Card

Citi® Double Cash Card

With the Citi Double Cash, you can receive 2% cash back on all purchases—1% when you make the purchase and another 1% when you pay it off. On balance transfers, it also provides a 0% introductory APR for 18 months. After that, depending on creditworthiness, the regular variable APR will range from 16.24 % to 26.24 %.

Additionally, there is an introductory balance transfer fee of $5 or 3% of each transfer’s value made within the first four months of account opening, whichever is higher. After that, each transfer will cost 5% (minimum $5).

Even without the $0 annual charge, the Double Cash outperforms the potential rewards received, even though it lacks the travel features of the Mastercard Black. The annual fee for the Mastercard Black must be spent $33,000 to be repaid in cash. Spend it with the Citi Double Cash, and you’ll earn $660, more than enough to cover the Mastercard Black’s most good benefits and some.

3:- Mastercard® Black Card™* vs. The Platinum Card® from American Express

The Platinum Card® from American Express

The Platinum Card from American Express is an excellent option if you’re looking for an elite card alternative that is genuinely focused on travel. The Amex Platinum card has benefits that are comparable to and even exceed those of the Mastercard Black card, including 5 Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent on flights booked directly with airlines or through American Express Travel on up to $500,000 in travel expenses annually, 5 points for every dollar spent on prepaid hotels booked through American Express Travel, and 1 point for every dollar spent on all other eligible purchases.

With its added features and 100,000 Membership Rewards points after making $6,000 in purchases with the card in the first six months of card membership (Terms apply), the Amex Platinum shines.

Best Cards To Pair with the Mastercard Black Card

The Mastercard Black Card should be carried in conjunction with a no-annual-fee card that provides a 0% introductory rate on purchases if you want to use it. If you do this, you will benefit from both the introductory APR on purchases and the introductory APR on balance transfers. Additionally, look for a credit card with an overall rewards rate that is more beneficial.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card, which has no annual fee, offers some of the best rewards rates on travel and other common spending categories if you don’t mind keeping track of rewards tiers.

Do You Fit For The Card?

The Mastercard Black may be the card for people who want to display their premium card status and hear an appealing clang when their card is presented. The Mastercard Black isn’t quite that for those searching for premium credit cards with big rewards or serious advantages.

Combining the card with a higher flat-rate cash-back card, such as the Citi Double Cash, will better leverage reward earning if the specific benefits offered are well-tailored to a particular case.

Is The MasterCard Black Card Worth It?

The easiest way to make the most of this pricey card is to visit the 3,000 homes listed frequently enough to benefit from the projected up to $500 in enhancements with each stay. The cost can also be reduced if you use the travel credit card (up to a $100 airline credit card and a $100 Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fee).

Another significant benefit is the introductory 15-month period of 0% APR for balance transfers (variable APR of 16.49 percent after that). It’s best to look at other travel or luxury cards if you can’t take advantage of these significant rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to get a Mastercard Black card?

black card

Required: good credit.
You are eligible for the top travel rewards cards on the market with the same good or excellent credit scores needed to obtain the Mastercard Black Card. So be sure to look into those other offers if you check your credit card score and find that it qualifies.

What advantages does Mastercard Black offer?

Foreign transaction fees are not charged.
Reasonable reward redemption rates range between 1.5 and 2 percent, depending on the type of redemption.
Many travel benefits, such as credits for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck.
APR for balance transfers at the start.

What are the requirements for a black Mastercard?

A minimum good credit score (700+), U.S. residence, and enough money to cover the card’s $495 annual fee and monthly bill payments are necessary to approve the Mastercard® Black Card.

Can the average person get a black card?

black card

I regret that Black Cards Are Only By Invitation.
Most invitations go to loyal American Express cardholders, including long-term corporate and personal charge card clients. Now, you can ask for an application invitation.

What could be better than a black card?

The Platinum Card® from American Express

The American Express Platinum Card® triumphs over the Mastercard® and Black Card. Despite its higher annual charge, the American Express Platinum card offers regular travelers better perks and much more value.

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