8 Best Real Estate Investing Courses Online 2022 [Updated]

You may have researched some of the fundamentals if you have been considering real estate investing or even if you have taken steps to launch your own business.

You most likely aren’t an expert, even if you have previous real estate investment business experience. Real estate investors serious about controlling their assets must research, understand their markets, and be aware of the risks and rewards from an investing perspective.

To continue growing personally and professionally, it is necessary to learn in various ways.

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, investment in real estate has been one of the most successful business models. Even Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of America, increased the fortunes of the Trump family through active real estate investing. The wealthiest real estate investors have fortunes of up to $30 billion.

Real Estate Investing Courses

There are courses available to support your study systematically, regardless of whether you are interested in single-family homes, multifamily units, wholesaling, or even the theoretical and intellectual roots of real estate industry investing methods.

And there is a real estate investors course or syllabus for you, whether you’re searching for occasional, paid subscription programs that you can drop in and out of, or you want to pursue a diploma, designation, or another formal program.

Various resources have been compiled here based on suggestions from seasoned real estate investment.(property management) These courses offer the breadth and relevant, practical application you seek.

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Here Is A List Of Some Great Real Estate Investing Courses

  • Roofstock Academy
  • Udemy
  • Brad Sumrok
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member
  • Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP)
  • University Online Extension Courses
  • Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investment (Udemy)
  • The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp (Udemy)

Roofstock Academy

roofstock academy investment courses

Roofstock Academy provides alternatives for private community access, individualized 1:1 coaching, and on-demand courses. To develop a solid plan for each real estate investment property managers stage, (real estate investor) Roofstock provides analytical and strategic information and stresses operational, management, scaling, and exit plans.

Roofstock delivers best-in-class ideas and techniques to Roofstock Academy with its acquisitions of investment properties totaling more than $5 billion.

Depending on your interests and preferred methods of learning, Roofstock Academy offers two different programs:

  • Self-Study ($39 month): All you need to get started in real estate investing at your own pace, plus access to extra exclusive Roofstock Academy programs like our book club and members-only Q&A sessions, for just $39 per month.
  • Workplace ($99 monthly): With online classes, one-on-one coaching, and access to our digital investor community, you can step up quickly and take full responsibility for your investing goals.

You may start using Roofstock right away, thanks to its minimum 30-day money-back guarantee and Roofstock Marketplace fee credit.


udemy real estate investing courses

Online education marketplace Udemy provides courses on various topics, including real estate investing.(cash flow) You can learn skills through Udemy’s courses by starting with the fundamentals of real estate investing and progressing to more complex real estate properties.

Brooks advises investors to evaluate their current situation to see whether a particular course helps them achieve the goals they’re looking for to decide which online investment course is appropriate for them.

By reading courses in commercial, residential properties, and retail real estate and mastering the foundations before moving on to the more complex topics in the industry, individual investors can target their particular real estate specialization.

Even a certificate of completion is available for some Udemy real estate investing courses.

Brooks advises reading the course FAQs and student reviews. Additionally, he advises watching for comments from students on what they didn’t know before the course and what they learned as a result.

Remember that some real estate investing courses are free when you enroll, while others have a fee while you browse Udemy to locate the one that best meets your learning needs.

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Brad Sumrok

Brad Sumrok provides several courses tailored toward different levels of skill for everyone, from novice to seasoned investors. He offers in-person experiences in addition to most of his studies being online.

Many of Sumrok’s courses are reasonably priced while providing a wealth of knowledge and depth.(real estate investor)  As you gain more expertise in multifamily, he also offers a variety of options for you to keep learning, such as special events and one-on-one coaching.

investment courses

Sumrok has a solid reputation among seasoned investors for offering the essentials without sacrificing the specifics crucial to your success. (real estate business) He has earned a solid reputation for investing in education thanks to his ability to blend simplicity and depth.

While additional training levels are different, 5-day training is free.

Certified Commercial Investment Member

You can develop your knowledge over time or pursue a focused path of study with CCIM’s selection of stand-alone courses and a commercial real estate investment designation program. (real estate business) You may network as you learn because CCIM designees include investors and the business service providers who collaborate with them.

Costs vary based on various variables, such as whether you select an in-person classroom course or an online, self-paced one. (real estate investment) A sizable discount is also available to members. Whether you seek your full designation or just a few a la carte programs will also affect the cost.

You will eventually need to become a member to earn the full designation. Therefore it makes sense to join now to benefit from the member discount on coursework. Membership for one year now costs $650.

The CCIM designation is open to a wide range of participants in the commercial real estate sector. A few of the current designees are:

  • Brokers
  • Leasing experts
  • Financial advisors
  • Manager of property
  • Appraisers
  • Executives in corporate real estate
  • Property supervisors
  • Developers
  • Investors in institutions
  • Lenders in business
  • Portfolio supervisors (loan servicing)
  • Attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Other associated specialists

To aid with the cost of study, CCIM provides various scholarships. Additionally, the Ward Center for Real Estate Studies gives several affordable classes.

Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP)

Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP)

If you are interested in real estate finance or development, these courses are for you. Whether you are a member of NAIOP or not, you are still eligible to enroll in this certificate program.

These courses offer the concentrations you’re searching for, whether you want to enhance your skills at analyzing properties, markets, and investment prospects or work primarily as a developer or private financier.

You can get educational credits for classes through NAIOP if you want to enroll in a university’s undergraduate or graduate program. To find out what glory you might be able to transfer from these certificate programs, check with your present institution.

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University Online Extension Courses

Numerous colleges offer programs and comprehensive courses focusing on different facets of real estate finance and investment. The requirements for these courses vary, although many of them are open to anybody.

A university program may be an excellent option if you seek a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. Additionally, many colleges provide both on-campus and online learning options, letting you customize your academic experience to fit your schedule.

A university-based program also has an undeniable cachet, and attending a prestigious university can help you improve your résumé and reputation. (commercial real estate) You might discover that being associated with a university offers up opportunities for networking on campus or through university-sponsored events and activities, depending on the program.

Investigate many programs to find the one that is best for you. A quick standalone course can be all you need if you search for some basic tactics.(cash flow) A professional certificate or degree program can be considered if you’re seeking a more in-depth education.

Prices change depending on whether you enroll in a standalone course or a certificate program. Additionally, you’ll discover that some count toward your degree’s continuing education requirements while others are credit-producing courses.


coursera investment courses

The online learning platform Coursera collaborates with institutions and businesses to help students gain more information and abilities in a particular field, like real estate.

Associated colleges, including Duke University, Rice University, and Columbia University, are the source of Coursera’s real estate investing content.

The initial steps include creating an account, logging in, and browsing the real estate course options. You can enroll once you’ve decided which course you want to take. You have the choice to pay for some classes to get a certificate after finishing them.

Alternatively, you can forego paying for a course by selecting the “Audit Only” option. Students may enroll in the class and see the course materials without charge, but you cannot submit assignments or obtain a certificate of completion.

How to locate a real estate investing course is suggested by Jess Lenouvel, founder and CEO of The Listings Lab, a virtual training and marketing mentorship program for real estate agents based in Ontario, Canada. Lenouvel argues that using innovative technologies and straying from conventional real estate strategies may help people advance their skill sets.

Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments (Udemy)

This course is excellent for going from zero to hero in real estate investing because it is designed to cover all areas of real estate investing for novices. (real estate investing course) However, one prerequisite for taking the course is that you must have access to Microsoft Excel.

From fundamental to sophisticated real estate investing, topics are covered in this course. An example of what you might learn is given below:

  • Analyzing possible rental properties income from properties
  • Examining potential investment opportunities in commercial real estate
  • Calculating the profitability of Airbnb properties
  • Analyzing real estate deals with investment models

You will learn how to find and evaluate real estate investment opportunities and create a real estate financial model on your own. (commercial properties) You will also learn to apply various analytical and financial modeling tools to execute and analyze real estate deals.

This course is an excellent resource for beginners studying real estate investing online. It does a superb job of providing all the essential information needed to succeed in real estate investing.(rental properties) This is one of the best real estate investing courses accessible and appropriate for novices and seasoned investors.

The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp (Udemy)

investment courses

Beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of real estate financial modeling should take this course. (rental property) The only prerequisite for taking this course is having access to Microsoft Excel, as it will be utilized often in the readings and assignments.

This online courses offers financial modeling for a variety of real estate investing strategies, such as:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Real Estate For Stores
  • Commercial Properties

You will learn how to create a real estate financial model with Microsoft Excel. This course will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel hotkeys and macros in addition to real estate expertise.

By the end of the course coursework, you will have mastered the fundamental Microsoft Excel tools and functions required for financial modeling.(successful real estate investor)  Additionally, perhaps more crucially, you will learn how to carry out sophisticated business transactions using various analytical and financial modeling tools.

Final Words

There is a real estate investment school or program for you, regardless of your experience or skill level.

You can pursue and develop your interests both at the start of your career and as you advance, thanks to the wide range of curriculum alternatives available for every form of investment and every sector of the industry.

Real estate investing can be a terrific method to make money. Still, the industry demands that you expand and update your knowledge, develop new talents, and perhaps work with specialists in various real estate investing approaches.

Frequently Asked Question

Are real estate investing courses worth it?

real estate

Do real estate courses truly help you succeed in your investing? No, that’s a huge NO. Real estate courses can help get started in the industry, but they are by no means essential for making profitable real estate investments.

Which course is best for investing in real estate?

udemy real estate investing courses

1: Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments, best overall course (Udemy).
2: The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp is the best course for beginners (Udemy).
3: Using data analytics to increase real estate management profits is the best course for experts (Coursera)

How can I become educated about real estate?

roofstock academy investment courses

Reading articles on relevant subjects in books, newspapers, magazines, and online is a fantastic start. One resource will lead to another as you start to have questions or desire more information on a particular topic. Then another will direct you to the following article or book.

How long is a course in property development?

coursera investment courses

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll discover how to manage property effectively, negotiate the world of real estate development, and make wise financial decisions.

Is Roofstock safe?

real estate

Roofstock is as secure as it comes for an online real estate marketplace. Its website is secure and offers a wealth of information on each property to aid in your decision-making. Additionally, it provides a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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